There are many books waiting to be read.
Getting it right means choosing right.

La Campana is a publishing firm that was founded in 1985 and is renowned for its high success rate.
We do not publish difficult books for minorities or books that only have a commercial purpose.
La Campana imposes the highest standards on itself in order to satisfy readers who look for quality books that are also interesting.

Press articles about La Campana

«La Campana is the Asterix of publishing firms. It is a tiny company that fights and will continue to fight –and sometimes defeat– the giants in the publishing sector. Its approach is to “publish quality books that anyone can enjoy”.»
X. Ayén. La Vanguardia

«La Campana is a small publishing firm with a strong personality that never disappoints its readers. All the publishers I know are firm defenders of their authors and are very enthusiastic when describing their books, but Isabel Martí is the best of them all. She is pure enthusiasm at the service of books.»
M. Cuyàs. El Punt Avui.

«A good choice of titles and a great deal of work has enabled the firm to enjoy high sales with just a few books.
E. Alòs. El Periódico.

«La Campana – three decades of literary rigour and vigour. La Campana has paved its way to success. The most successful of its books are the novels by Sánchez Piñol. But apart from the best sellers, there is the quiet, efficient work of a team that has broken moulds.»
El Punt Avui.

«La Campana has maintained a rigorous and independent editorial policy. It has resisted all the temptations that exist in the publishing industry: the temptation to increase its billing by adding new books; the temptation to publish best sellers b y the thousands; the temptation to change to Spanish; the temptation to publish books screened on TV; the temptation to assign its collections to paperback operations; the temptation to work with certain authors merely because those authors have earned sales with their first books; the temptation to translate the same foreign book as a Spanish language publishing firm in order to follow the herd. Isabel Martí has proven that the readers of books in Catalan are able to operate independently from the Spanish language market.»
B. Puigtobella. Núvol.